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Hi, my name is Nancy Cruz-Lazu.  This is my second year at Ramseur Elementary. I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to students in grades 3-5 and in the Functional Skills program.  I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, and concentrated in Special Education. I taught exceptional children for five years Puerto Rico and fourteen years in Massachusetts. In 2002, I relocated to North Carolina and have had the opportunity to serve children in different areas such as Spanish Immersion Programs, ESL and newcomers programs.  I also, had the opportunity to serve native americans from the Navajo tribe in 2012 at Saint Bonaventure Indian Mission in Thoreau, NM.  

I have three handsome sons and seven fabulous grandchildren.  I enjoy the spending time with my grandchildren and family in general. Thanks to God 's goodness, I have been able to touch many children's lives through what I like to do the most, teach.